• Elevators: The City's Last Public Space

    MEMO | 1 August
    In an age of wireless communication, Charles Lai ponders whether the space of the elevator is left in the dark ages or has something fresh to offer to the public.

    Mirroring Gods

    MEMO | 28 July
    Technological advances are bringing us closer to emulating both the creative and destructive powers of the Gods, explains Alisha Haridasani.


    Head of Design, Joachim Sauter, shares details of the innovative projects that explore digital media's potential for communication and artistic expression.

    Strange Attractor

    Cecil Balmond shares insight into his new 'equilibrium'-themed sculpture created especially for Museo Salvatore Ferragamo in Florence.

    H_Edge Spitalfields

    Displayed like it has never been before, Cecil Balmond's H_Edge will make its UK debut in London's Spitalfields, suspended above a reflecting pool.
  • Magazine: Serialising Architecture

    MEMO | 17 July
    Manijeh Verghese considers the potential of the magazine, reflecting on the work of Disegno and TiP and tying in the themes of her previous memos.

    Marina Abramovic Institute

    Erin Cork investigates how Marina Abramović is ensuring performance art is able to maintain its relevance in contemporary society.

    Exhibition: Architecture on Display

    MEMO | 19 June
    Manijeh Verghese

    Living on a Dollar

    Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Renée C. Byer talks about the poignant and critical photographic project 'Living on a Dollar a Day'.


    Networks of devotion, the concept of ‘presence’ in art and the sensuous ways we experience faith. Dr Robert Maniura explores fifteenth century image cults.
  • Pandas at PMQ 元創方

    MEMO | 14 May
    Arrival of 1,600 papier-mâché pandas at the Police Married Quarters signifies important cultural advancements for Hong Kong, Alisha Haridasani explains.

    London Festival of Architecture 2014

    Events about and across the capital for London Festival of Architecture.

    Hugh Broughton

    Architect Hugh Broughton talks us through the challenges and triumphs of his award-winning Antarctic project.

    Ebb and Flow

    Renowned Chinese photographer Qin Yuhai wants to connect us to the essence of water in his first UK exhibition.

    reSITE 2014

    We speak to founder Martin Barry and coordinator Milota Sidorova in the run up to this year's festival in Prague, set to be their biggest yet.
  • Buildies

    A new way to build bedroom forts, without upsetting Mum and Dad.

    Holographic Chocolate

    Swiss micro-technology company create hologram effects on chocolate.

    Space Colony Art

    Fantastical illustrations of space colonies imagined by NASA scientists and artists in the 1970's.

    Digital Revolution

    Discover the rise of digital creativity in a new immersive exhibition at London's Barbican Centre.
  • Sir John Soane's Models

    Curator-led tours of the UK's largest collection of architectural models throughout June.


    Innovative, all natural water tower ensures long-term environmental, financial and social sustainability in water starved areas.


    The World’s First Consumer 360 Degree Camera.

    La Biennale Architettura 2014

    The 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice is turning itself into research.