• Indian Women Online

    MEMO | 16 April
    Alisha Haridasani imagines the freedom and empowerment of Indian women if they had better access to the Internet.

    The Evolution of Space

    MEMO | 9 April
    Charles Lai looks to the predictive power of sci-fi Manga for insight into the architecture of the future.

    Death & Society

    Dr John Troyer of Bath University's Centre for Death and Society explains how new technologies are changing how we face the inevitable.

    Freyja Dean

    This unique artist talks us through her fascinating training in scientific illustration and discusses the power of when art meets science.

    Lawrence Lek

    We enter into the strange, Utopian visions and experiential sculptures of artist Lawrence Lek.
  • Cosmos Bed

    The best reason we've ever seen to not get up in the morning!


    Engineers at the University of Tokyo give the ball an anti-gravity redesign.

    3D Printed Skull

    3D printing proves to be even more useful than we could have imagined.


    Incredible 'living photographs' made from light sensitive algae.

    little victories

    Jenny H. MacDonald profiles the trials and tribulations of Shanghai's little victories gallery.
  • Ganymede

    New, high definition maps of Jupiter's moon Ganymede show this distant ice world in unprecedented detail.

    Space Pop

    Impressive roster of international musicians create a new album using sounds from space.


    The bicycle light reimagined to usher in new era of cycling safety.

    Vertical Garden

    Set for launch in 2015 - the world's tallest vertical garden.

    Ghost Stations

    Exciting proposals for the abandoned Metro stations of Paris.